The art of creating handmade shoes starting from one's own hands

The birth of "Villa Mori" has its roots in a past made of deep dedication and hard work, great humanity and real relationships, of extreme attention to detail and unceasing research of Made in Italy, in order to create unique and unrepeatable handmade shoes. To accompany us on this journey is the "know-how" of skilled local artisans, handed down from generation to generation, as well as the love for the search for beauty and for the high quality Italian tailoring.


Italian craftsmanship and marked uniqueness: our perfect combination

That of "Villa Mori" is a true way of understanding the handmade product, focused on the choice of fabrics and leathers and on the processing phases. All our collections are made with strictly natural Italian materials and each production stage, from the creation of the soles to the final stitching of the shoe, is followed with great care. The end result is a pair of craft shoes comfortable, durable and sustainable ; to live more than to be consumed.

But wearing "Villa Mori" shoes does not mean just choosing handmade shoes that fit the shape of the foot, but choosing to show off one's uniqueness . "Villa Mori" allows everyone to express their style, original and recognizable, thus creating an indissoluble bond between the client and the craftsman who makes them. The fabric you choose to turn colored sneakers or elegant models into personalized shoes will be the starting point to tell an important story: yours.