Handcrafted shoes that talk about you

"Villa Mori" is a love story for handmade shoes born from the encounter between the quality of 100% Italian materials and the skilled manual skills of local families . But it is also a story of courage: the courage of those who have embarked on a journey to rediscover the value of true sustainable Made in Italy, turning their backs on that "fast fashion" that prefers quantity to quality.

It is only thanks to years of experience in the field of footwear that today we can offer you the excellent workmanship of made-to-measure shoes , directly hand-made by master craftsmen in their historic and welcoming shops. To make these articles even more original is the ability to customize them, to create unique pieces , never the same as others, which externalize your personality by telling who you are.

How is a pair of "Villa Mori" craft shoes born?

The first step is up to you, that you will have to select the model to customize and the combination of patterns and fabrics that best reflects your style; here you will find only leather and cotton of first choice , no synthetic material. Our artisans will then have to take the right time to devote to making your shoes, special just because made by hand and without haste . Only in this way will they be sure to have taken care of every little detail and to have given life to the Italian handmade shoes that you expect. You will eventually be delivered directly to your home, ready to accompany you on new roads to go. 

If you can not find the right solution on the store, please email us at , where we will be happy to accommodate your requests and create a brand new pair of "Villa Mori" handmade shoes.